Urban Community
Gardening Program

For Daniels, urban agriculture is truly a natural expression of the company. Always thinking outside the box, we’ve worked hard to incorporate urban agricultural opportunities, such as balcony container gardening, community gardening plots, greenhouses, edible landscaping, and farmers’ markets into each new home community built across the Greater Toronto Area.

Not only providing unique gardening platforms, Daniels provides urban gardening workshops and seminars to ensure that residents receive the necessary knowledge to maximize the opportunity to grow herbs, fruits, vegetables, and flowers. Daniels has partnered with Ontario urban agriculture specialists to teach, develop and implement plans to assist residents in using their gardening plots efficiently. At these well attended sessions, residents receive the tools to start and maintain successful gardens that will thrive.

The Logan will showcase our continual commitment to an environmentally sustainable and healthy lifestyle with a green roof and several garden planters. This engaging amenity is fun for all residents to enjoy while sharing in the taste of locally grown foods. Established and emerging green-thumb residents are invited to come together, create a deeper sense of community, and feel connected to the earth and each other in an interactive way.