At Daniels, we build arts and culture into the DNA of our communities –
a commitment that differentiates us from the rest of the industry.

Daniels Local Art Program – The Logan

For The Daniels Corporation, each new home community is a work of art – literally. From conception through to completion, every Daniels high-rise and low-rise neighbourhood is designed to enhance its surroundings and make a statement about its unique character. This addition of local public art is a cornerstone of the Company’s design philosophy.

In an effort to increase exposure for local artists and provide a source of economic development for the community, Daniels will be bringing our Local Art Program to Leslieville, involving the commissioning and sourcing of art pieces from emerging, mid-career and established artists, based in Leslieville and the surrounding area, to be installed in public spaces throughout The Logan Residences.

The Logan is not the first Daniels project to feature local art; this Program was also extended to include Paintbox Condominiums, One Park Place Condominiums, One Park West Condominiums, One Oak (a Toronto Community Housing building), and HighPark Condominiums. The impact of this Program has not only been a source of local economic development, but artists have been able to increase the exposure of their work, network with interior designers, art curators and other artists and, in many cases, build their confidence and self-esteem by having their work and talent on display.

If you’re a local artist who would like to learn more about the Daniels Local Art Program, please contact our interior designers at [email protected].